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Top Revolut Online Casinos

Revolut is an app in which people can arrange all their financials in one place. Customers can make payments through their Revolut app, create and track their budget plans, and connect their existing bank accounts to the platform. It is a popular payment method with online casinos.

Revolut is considered a digital wallet. Customers can transfer money to or withdraw it or just use their other bank accounts through Revolut. Online casinos also accept Revolut as a deposit method. Depositing into online casino accounts via Revolut is easy. This way, customers do not have to leave their credit card details online.

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Top  Revolut Online Casinos

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Deposit with Revolut

Deposit with Revolut

Depositing into online casinos is easy. While all casino deposit pages work slightly differently, most should be pretty self-explanatory. To get started with Revolut deposits, create a Revolut account. Customers can also choose whether to log into their Revolut account online or add an app to their phones or whether they wish to do both.

The easiest way to quickly access Revolut wallets and pay with them is to use their Chrome extension. This way, the payment goes through with only one click of the button. In addition, Revolut also offers cashback and rewards on purchases, which means the platform can easily add these rewards onto the customer's account as long as Revolut makes these payments for them.

To deposit money into the Revolut account, first and foremost:

  1. Go to the profile page. From there, tap on the 'Accounts' tab
  2. Go to the accounts page
  3. Click on the Add Money button
  4. The customer will be asked for their debit or credit card number. Once they put this in, click continue
  5. The customer is asked how much money they wish to add to their Revolut account

And voila, the Revolut wallet now has money in it, which can be used to deposit at casinos.

Getting Started with Revolut at Online Casinos

It can sometimes be confusing to find out whether an online casino accepts Revolut or not because customers will not find the logo on the casino's website. Revolut is connected to VISA and MasterCard. As long as the online casino accepts these cards, they will likely take payment via Revolut.

Customers can choose whether they use Revolut as their primary bank now or if they wish to connect an existing bank account. Either will work with online casinos. Not only will current bank accounts work, but Revolut itself also uses VISA and MasterCard. So even if the customer's bank account is not connected to their Revolut profile, as long as they transferred money into their Revolut account, this will be considered a VISA or MasterCard payment.

When depositing money to an online casino, the customer simply types in the bank account details Revolut gave them to deposit into their online casino wallet.

It is that easy. Try Revolut today to see how simple it is. Customers who want to try out Revolut can work with small amounts before depositing more money into their accounts or connecting other banks.

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