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Best 6 Online Betting Online Casino in 2021

Betting is increasingly becoming a popular past time among many people. When you take a look at it, you will realize that this sector has exponentially grown. It has become a billion-dollar industry with millions of bets being placed each day.

Betting is illegal in most countries, but that doesn't stop gamblers from placing their bets. People gamble for several reasons, including earning an income in the case of professional gamblers, or just for fun.

For countries where online gambling is legal, casinos like Betsson, Quinnbet and Megapari are worth a visit.

On this site, we will discuss the concept of betting as well as list some of the best lottery sites to bet on.

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Best 6 Online Betting Online Casino in 2021

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Online Betting Online Casinos


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History of Sports Betting

Sports betting dates back too over 2,000 years ago. It started with the Greeks, who first introduced the Olympics to the rest of the world. They also hold some of the earliest records of betting on athletic events.

Betting later spread to ancient Rome, where it was adapted and legalized. Romans mainly took part in gladiator games, and when the sport ended, gambling survived.

Betting later spread to England, with horse racing being the most popular bet on sport. It was from here that sports betting spread to the rest of the world.

Basically, sports betting is a popular past time among many people and one that is continually growing.

About Sports Betting

Sports betting is all about staking money on the outcome of a particular sporting event. Bettors try to predict the result of a game in a bid to win their bet and possibly profit from it. Sports betting includes several aspects, such as odds. Odds are the figures that represent the probability of an outcome.

Odds also show the potential profit for those who make successful bets.There is also the financial aspect of betting. This is the amount that you place on a particular event. Sports books offer bettors a wide range of markets.

You can bet on major sports such as the NBA, NFL, rugby, and cricket.

Sports Betting

Sports betting has grown in popularity over the years. The increased demand for diverse sports has seen a growth in sports betting across the world. Many people are placing wagers on their favorite sport to make money and add some thrill to the game.

Bettors can place their bets both online and offline. Online betting offers you more convenience compared to offline betting. It is also an inexpensive way of placing bets.

You won't have to travel to a different location to wager on a sport. Online betting is also profitable and offers you the chance to choose from various online sportsbooks.

Odds: How Do They Work?

It can be confusing to actually read and understand betting odds, especially if you are a beginner.

Here is an example to help you:

Matchups Odds

Seattle Seahawks: +120

Dallas Cowboys: -140

  • The sign placed in front of the number shows whether placing a bet on that outcome will pay out more or less than the amount you wagered.

  • If the odds have a negative (-) sign, it means that the outcome is more likely to happen and will pay out less than the wagered amount.

  • If it is positive (+), it means that the outcome is less likely to happen and will pay out more than the wagered amount.

The Importance of Choosing the Best Odds

Before you can even start placing bets, you need to have your hands on the best odds. Getting the best odds ensures that you maximize your wins as much as can be expected.

This means that you have to shop around for the best value. Always look for the best game total, money prices, and points spread. By comparing the available options on the market, you can reduce your risk and increase the returns. Only look for bookmakers offering the best value.

With the many online sportsbooks, shopping around has become much more comfortable, so don't settle for less.

No Deposit Betting Bonus

The no deposit betting bonus is a type of bonus that sportsbooks offer to both new and existing customers. In this type of bonus, players are actually not required to make any deposits to their accounts.

This bonus has gained popularity among many gamblers. It is one of the reasons why people register with a new gambling site. Most sites offer a no deposit bonus that ranges between $5 and $10.

You can win real money from this bonus, but first, you have to fulfill the wagering requirements before you can withdraw your winnings. Find a site that offers the most practical wagering requirements.

Free Bets: What are Their Benefits?

Free bets are actually a type of promotion offered by bookmakers to new players. To qualify, you must not have an existing account with the bookmaker.

Free bets are offered to encourage new players to register for a bookmaker's services and make a deposit. This is an incentive that sportsbooks use to entice their customers to continue betting on their site in the future.

You can think of free bets as a way of placing bets without risking your money and still walk away with some good cash. You can also win from the free bets without depositing any money into your account.

Football Betting

Football betting is undoubtedly seen as the most popular form of sports betting. It offers bettors hundreds of bets, making it an appealing option among many.

There are several ways that one can place wagers on football. The first is the straight bet, where the team selected must win by the points spread indicated at the time of betting.

The second type of bet is the money line bet. In this bet type, the team that you choose has to win the game.

You also have the half bets, which are bets placed on the odds posted for the first half or even the second half of the game.

Secure Betting Sites

Once you register with a sportsbook, you will share with them your personal details. Therefore, it only makes sense that they take the necessary measures to ensure that all data is secure. They should have SSL protection to ensure that all data shared between you and the site remains secure.

Any sportsbook that doesn't have SSL encryption is not safe for you and only means that they are stealing the information you share with them. It could also imply that they are ignorant of the most important aspects of online security. Always steer clear from such sites.

Trusted Betting Sites; the Importance of Licensing

A trusted betting site is one that is licensed to operate within certain jurisdictions. A license ensures that the site is open to legal, third-party audits and consistency assessments to ensure they are fair to their customers.

A sportsbook licensed by an authoritative body means that they are legitimate, and you can trust them. You can check their license towards the bottom of their page.

Some of the trusted licensing agencies include the following:

  • Curacao eGaming

  • Gibraltar Gambling Commission

  • Malta Gaming Commission

  • UK Gambling Commission

If a site doesn't have a license from any of these bodies, it is not legitimate.

What is Online Betting?

As easy as it may sound, online betting is a concept that most traditional sports punters do not comprehend. This is because it’s a recent entry into the betting industry, and is only popular among those who enjoy betting.

This is particularly the case in the US because the rules and regulations that govern gambling have been relaxed in the recent past.

In Europe, the idea of online betting has been in existence for so many years. Their laws give them the freedom to punt on mainly on the English Premier League, or football in its entirety. Gamblers can stake their monies on the bookies of their choice.

For beginners, the best way to start the game is by analyzing odds on different platforms before betting online. On the face of it, most of them appear to have similar odds, but a thorough scrutiny may reveal a few that have under or overestimated their odds.

Another way to start betting is by targeting sites that offer fantastic starting promo code.

For those who want to try their luck in online betting, then code sites come in handy. This allows them to save extra cash to make bets in the same manner that an offline casino operates.

How do you bet online?

  1. There are numerous ways through which gamblers can place bets on sporting events when betting online. This includes use of telephone betting services or bookmaking shops. Since the advent of the internet, online betting games have gained incredible popularity. Therefore, the easiest and most common way for punters to place wagers on sports is through the web.

  2. Increased competition has led to an emergence of hundreds of betting companies that offer online betting services. Most bookies that have been in the industry for a long time run web pages. These sites offer the easiest and most convenient way to stake on sports. Starting up is easy…a gambler chooses his/her preferred site, registers an account, deposits money, then he/she is ready to wager.

  3. Unfortunately, in spite of its popularity, not every gambler is conversant with the procedures of online gambling. Considering this, a beginner should check the guidelines on the betting sites, ready through and understand before starting to bet.

What is the best betting strategy?

There are several betting strategies that a gambler can employ to maximize his/her profits. They include:

  • Bet It All - This is a betting strategy where a punter stakes his or her entire balance on all bets. The main advantage is that if he/she wins, then the win is big. However, in the vent of a loss, the gambler loses everything.

  • Martingale System - Here, a player doubles his/her bet after every loss, standing a chance to recover all the losses if he wins in the first round. The downside is that this system might leave a gambler bankrupt.

What does line mean in betting?

To impose a betting line, a bookie handicaps a team/player such that the outcome of the contest is equal (50/50). This is achieved by creating a margin only if there are only two outcomes between the teams.

Gambling Addiction

If you find yourself or someone around is struggling with an addiction, please reach out to GamCare.

Gambling addictions can be hard to spot, so please make sure to always gamble responsibly.

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Betano Signs Second Soccer Partnership in Brazil with Fluminese

Betano Signs Second Soccer Partnership in Brazil with Fluminese

Betano is a sports and gaming tech company, and its latest expansion covers Latin America; in particular, Fluminese FC.

Online Sportsbetting at 22BET for Czech fans

Online Sportsbetting at 22BET for Czech fans

Owned by TechSolutions Group Ltd. and operating under a license issued in 2018 in Curacao, 22BET enjoys a reputation as one of the world's best online sportsbetting sites. More than one thousand sporting events are covered daily, which include football, basketball, baseball, tennis, motor car racing, cricket, snooker, table tennis, and many more.

The History of Gambling In Spain

The History of Gambling In Spain

Spain is a legal nation of gamblers, and there is a high probability the thriving gambling industry contributes to most of its national income. Currently, the country boasts of having over 60 casinos, 250,000 slot machines, and seven racetracks spread over 35 cities. The most common type of betting in Spain is the state national lottery (Loteria Nacional), which operates to assist the Catholic Church and charity activities. Nonetheless, the country still has strict measures regarding the legal gambling age. Individuals under 18 are not allowed to either gamble online or entering gaming arenas such as bingo halls and casinos.


Is online sports betting legal?


The laws depend on the country in which you live, and where the betting sites are operating from.

How do you bet on sports online?


Betting online begins with choosing a betting app or betting site where a player can win real money from online sports gambling. After opening an account with the app or site, the player makes a deposit and chooses where to place a wager. Any winnings can be consequently withdrawn through methods that the betting site offers.

What is the safest online sports betting site?


There are thousands of online sports betting sites on the Internet, many of which have safety and security policies in place. Check out our list of online betting websites, which hold valid gaming licenses, have secure and encrypted connections, and offer reliable and timely payouts.

What is a risk free bet?


Many online betting sites attract new players by offering a risk-free bet. How it works is that a new member places a bet with the site for the first time, and if the bet is a loss, the player will be given a risk-free bet whose amount corresponds to that of the earlier wager.

Is it legal to bet on sports online in the US?


Online gambling is legal in the US, with each state having the right to regulate it. However, different states have different regulations for different types of online gambling, including sports betting.

What states allow online sports betting?


Not all 50 US states allow online sports betting. States where betting on sports online is legal include New Jersey, Michigan, West Virginia, and Nevada.

What is the best sports gambling app?


There’s no shortage of excellent online sports gambling apps and sites to choose from. One example is William Hill, and there are many others on our list of the best online betting casinos.

Which is the easiest sport to bet on and win?


Football (American football and soccer) is one of the easiest sports to bet on, so it’s unsurprisingly popular among novice sports gamblers. Basketball, horse racing, tennis, and cricket similarly have predictable outcomes.

Are betting apps safe?


Yes, the majority of betting apps and sites are safe to use. It’s important to avoid dodgy and unreputable betting sites. Instead, go with trusted online betting sites and apps for a safe and secure experience.

How do you bet without losing?


There are several no-lose betting methods in online betting. They include arbitrage or sire betting, value betting, match betting, and back & lay betting or trading odds.

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