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Best 1 Sic Bo Online Casinos in India 2020

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Online gambling has taken the world by storm, and India has not been left behind. With an expanded market, the casino industry is growing at a fast rate. With this expansion, some areas have been left behind. Still, the Sic Bo game, which is also known as ""The Game of the East,"" has continued to thrive, especially in India. For centuries the Sic Bo game, which traces its origin to China, continues to be one of the most loved casino games among many gamblers. With online casinos, one can take part in the game even in the comfort of their home or office, making it more convenient for many people.

How to win in Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is one of the few casino games that use dice. There are two variants of the game, which include the United States version known as the ""Chuch-a-luck"" and the English version ""Grand Hazard."" Since Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese game, the original version of Sic Bo is mostly played in the Asian and Macau casinos. However, this version can be played online irrespective of one's location. Just like any other casino game, the main goal of playing Sic Bo is to bet on the outcome of a specific die. One wins for every correctly predicted number or sum on the dice outcome and lose for wrong predictions.

The basic strategy in Sic Bo

When playing Sic Bo in India, there are some strategies that one can use to beat the bookies. The best strategy to be adopted by the player will depend on the risk profile, betting style, as well as the purpose for playing- entertainment or to make money.

Steady Strategy

This is ideal for low-risk players where bets with the smallest edges are considered. The markets with small margins include small, big, and combination bets, which are like Red/Black in Roulette.

Balanced Strategy

This strategy is ideal for gamblers who want to win big. Players spread the risk by betting on a number of results. One places four bets: double bets and a total bet.

Basic rules in Sic Bo

Sic Bio is a popular game in the casino played with three dice. The dealer picks up three dice from a chest after he shakes it to reveal the combination, and the player wins if they can predict one of several possible outcomes available on the table.

How Sic Bo Bets Work

  • Big and small - This market allows betting on (small) the total sum of the three dice to be between 4-10 or (big) between 11-17.

  • Combination - This is where one bet on any of the specific numbers showing on any of the three dice. One should choose a number between 1-6, which are the possible outcomes.

The local gambling culture in India

India is home to over one billion people hence one of the most popular markets for casino games. Various states in India have come up with different rules and regulations governing online casinos. With the convenience associated with online casinos, many gamblers now prefer online casinos as opposed to land based casinos. Poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and Sic Bo are some of the most popular casino games offered by most casinos in India. With many bookies entering the Indian market, one must consider casinos that offer games which the player is familiar with because not all casinos offer markets on games such as Sic Bo.

Online gambling laws and regulations in India

With a population of over one billion people, India is becoming a popular destination for gamblers. With the popularity of online casino games such as Sic Bo, players are spoilt for choice with a large pool of markets and games to bet on. Though there are some conditions that land-based casinos need to meet while operating in India, there are no specific laws governing online casinos. Different states have come up with laws on regulating online casinos, and one needs to read through the laws and regulations before signing up with an online casino. Many online casinos operate as offshore companies making it easy for gamblers to bet on their favorite casino games.

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Sic Bo Online Casinos in India
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