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What does Return To Player (RTP) mean?


What does Return To Player (RTP) mean?

The theme of a slot game attracts some players, while others may be drawn in by the amount of attributes. But for fervent players, RTP is the determining factor whether they play on a game.

Luring players boils down to giving them more of what they want. And players want a greater RTP game. But what precisely is RTP, and is it advantageous to your casino in the longer term? We'll explain what RTP is, why it's such an interesting component in any modern online casino, and how it's calculated.

Return to Player is a measure/calculation of the percentage of stakes a game returns to players. Return To Player is generally over a minimum of one million plays, and it's generally accepted to be the guide to on how much the casino and the player will end up taking.

Understand that this percentage is based on actual wagers and actual wins. This isn't a hypothetical number. It is not tabulated by spreadsheet computing, cycle running, or extensive game modelling. RTP is based on the real people putting their bets on games in an online casinos' environment.

Example of Return To Player calculation

Brands and online game sites normally indicate the Return To Player percentage for every game. If a game return to player is 92%, it simply means players can expect the game to return 0.92 cents in the $1.00 (or any currency equivalent) over a prolonged period of plays.

Games normally play to the stated Return to Players percentage stated in the game rules. Despite the statement, it does not guarantee that every play or series of plays will return the stated percentage. Online game players should be aware that Return To Player wins is awarded randomly, the Return To Players advertises by online game sites might fall short of the Return To Player advertised.

Besides, the higher the amount of times the game is being played, the further data the RTP reflects about the actual return of the game and the more "exact" this model is expected to become. "Exact" doesn't quite mean that the two sides are inching closer to each other. What it does mean is that the ratio of the two sides of this equation is getting closer and closer to 1 as the number of rounds grows larger and larger. [100% – (House Edge)]/RTP > 1.

Why The RTP is Critical In Online Casino

Having a high RTP is important to lure potential players to your online casino. After all, all gamers looking to win would prefer to have a game that pays 95 per cent over a game that pays 92 per cent. RTP is not especially substantial for casual players who love slot games for a short period. These gamers will choose their favourite slot based on the aesthetics of the game, rather than the most efficient game to play. Whereas for players who frequently play, RTP is an essential metric in ascertaining which game to play.

The Difference Between RTP and Variance

Often, a variance is conflicted with RTP. To put it in simple terms, a variance is a rationale why two games would have the same RTP with payouts at varying levels. Slot machines with a lower variance will have low frequent payouts, while slots with a greater variance through unique jackpots or bonus features will pay out massive volumes.

Take this example with two slot games, each with a 75 per cent RTP. One game may pay out often, but in lower amounts, and another may pay out less regularly, but in larger amounts. Both have a 95 per cent RTP as over 1 million spins are estimated. The first slot game would pay out $7500 more often, but in smaller amounts, for instance, $75 over 100 times, out of €10000. While another might pay out $7500 less often out of €10000, for instance, $750 but only 10 times in higher quantities.


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