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In a territory as small as Norfolk Island, it is undoubtedly difficult to get on the wrong side of the law and fail to be found out.

This small Australian territory in the Pacific covers an area of just 36 sq. kilometers. It has a population that currently oscillates between 1700 and 2000 people. It is, therefore, essential to understand the gaming environment on the island.

The area has been governed by the Norfolk Island Act of 1979, which has been amended several times over the years. As part of Australia, most of its governance falls under New South Wales law. It is a tourist island where any visitor (or resident) can enjoy online gambling.

Online casinos in Norfolk IslandHistory of gambling in Norfolk IslandFuture of online casinos in Norfolk Island
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Online casinos in Norfolk Island

Online casinos in Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island had 3G coverage as of 2019 and rolled out 4G in 2020. As of 2022, internet penetration in the area is 46%. Most outlets that offer accommodation also have Wi-Fi connections that visitors can enjoy with ease.

Online casinos are still reasonably popular on the island. The ease of access to online casinos and the absence of physical gaming houses are critical factors for this popularity. An influx of visitors almost throughout the year, many of whom love gaming, has brought even residents to love the practice. The territory also enjoys easy tax laws from the Australian government. As gambling is considered a leisure activity, taxes do not apply to winnings.

Norfolk Island issues Australian licenses to casino providers. Although it is possible to play in an unlicensed online casino, it is safer to use a platform that can be legally tracked. This becomes necessary when there are disputes with payouts of winnings. As with every other place, going for casinos with great games, bonuses, mobile presence, and customer service should also be a guiding factor.

Online casinos in Norfolk Island
History of gambling in Norfolk Island

History of gambling in Norfolk Island

Although the island has been inhabited since 1788, gambling has never been a prevalent practice in the area. The small population often comprised of people who did not settle there.

Moreover, much of the leisure activities that the British settlers engaged in were done on the Australian mainland. As a result, the island remained sleepy for a long time and has not to date been able to sustain itself in some sectors.

Any kind of gambling done in previous years was, thus, largely informal and unregulated. Some hospitality facilities had gaming machines and tables, but there was pretty much no structure for them.

Gambling nowadays in Norfolk Island

As a means of earning revenue, the Norfolk Island Gaming Authority was formed to license and regulate casino activities. As an autonomous territory, the Authority did not have to remit any payment collected to Australia. At the turn of the 21st century, the rise of online casinos expanded the revenue base for the body, which did not have many casinos to regulate.

This blessing, however, turned into a poisoned chalice. The Authority and Norfolk Island itself were in 2015 flagged for failure to regulate gambling properly.

They were accused of allowing operators without assessing risk and creating an environment for corruption and fraud to occur. The issuing of licenses was then reverted to the mainland.

Over the last seven years, online gaming has blossomed under the new administration. Players can play confidently in licensed casinos. Legitimate operators have also found it easier to grow without unhealthy competition.

The return of travel and tourism post-pandemic lockdowns has also brought more tourists to the island. Most visitors who come here love gambling and enjoy the improving internet availability on the island.

History of gambling in Norfolk Island
Future of online casinos in Norfolk Island

Future of online casinos in Norfolk Island

The structure of the island makes online casinos the most viable gaming model going into the future. One that is actually the global trend. People want to play anywhere and wherever they are without traveling to a physical gaming establishment. The size of the island also makes it unviable for many providers to invest heavily in brick-and-mortar establishments.

For a region that often finds the going tough in funding its needs, any source of revenue is welcome. With regulation now restructured, they can earn from gambling without exposing the population to potential risks. As Australian online gambling laws evolve, those of the island will move along. The pointer is towards continued online gambling.

Technology effect

The growing internet access is also a supporting factor. 4G connections allow people to play better even when roaming outside their Wi-Fi areas. On top of this, more potent internet-access devices will get to Norfolk Island as they spread around the world. The same applies to the websites that gaming providers use.

Going by the current trend, online casino gaming is likely to replace all forms of physical gaming in Norfolk Island within the next five years.

Future of online casinos in Norfolk Island
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