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Are Online Slots for Real Money Rigged? Debunking the Myth!

Are Online Slots for Real Money Rigged? Debunking the Myth!

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Real Money Online Casinos in the UK

Real Money Online Casinos in the UK

If you are gambling to win big you need to bet with real money. All free bonuses have terms and conditions that disclaim them from the big winnings. Most bonuses have winning caps which limit the amount you can win while betting with bonus money.

While you are gambling with bonus money you are also subject to wagering requirements to cash out your winnings. So, you need to bet with real money to be able to cash out big winnings.

Real Money Online Casinos in the UK
Free Online Casinos in the UK

Free Online Casinos in the UK

Playing at online casinos for free has great benefits. The biggest benefit of them all is that you get the chance to know the casino and the games without losing any money. Before you go big it is an excellent idea to play casino games for free. You see what games are available you can test different types of slots and see what you like before you bet with real money.

Free Online Casinos in the UK
Win at UK casinos online

Win at UK casinos online

We all want to win at casinos online, but there are different types of winnings that are good to be aware of when you choose what to play. Are you into getting smaller winnings more often? Or do you fancy bringing home the jackpot?

To win the jackpot you need to play slot machines, and you should play the progressive slots that payout big winnings more seldom. To win small and often you should either play classic slots or go for table games that have a high payout and a small casino edge.

Win at UK casinos online
How to choose the best online casino UK

How to choose the best online casino UK

What makes a UK online casino the best is different for different people. However, there are a couple of guidelines that can be valuable to keep in mind regardless of the entertainment characteristics of the casino. All casinos we list are trustworthy and fair, but this is in case you chose a casino somewhere else.

  1. Check the footer of the online casino website for a licence batch from MGA, UKGC or SGA.
  2. Look at the payment methods and make sure the casino supports both your deposit method and the withdrawal method of choice.
  3. Read the payment terms to learn what the payout limits are in case you win big.
  4. Go to the casino game section and see that they have credible casino software.
  5. Make sure to read the terms and conditions if you decide to claim a bonus.
  6. Start with a small deposit to ensure everything works as you expected.
How to choose the best online casino UK
How do I know a UK online casino is to be trusted?

How do I know a UK online casino is to be trusted?

It is of great importance to gamble at online casino sites that are trustworthy. The best way to evaluate the trustworthiness is to take a look in the footer of the casino site and check for trust shields and licence badges. A licence makes sure the casino follows laws and regulations in the UK, and in the country in which the licence is issued.

Trust Checklist:

  • Licence to operate as an online casino issued by Malta Gambling Authority, United Kingdom Gambling Commission or Swedish Gambling Authority.
  • Quality labels from organizations like Certified Fair Gambling and eCogra.
  • Online casino websites encrypted with security certificates like SSL.
How do I know a UK online casino is to be trusted?
Secure & Safe Online Casinos in the UK

Secure & Safe Online Casinos in the UK

The security at an online casino is crucial. Even if the casino itself is fair, they need to take action to enhance security like having encryption of the site to make it harder for third parties to get access to protected personal data and information. A good thing to look for is the SSL certificate that tells you the site is encrypted.

How do I know a UK Online Casino is fair?

Provided the casino has a licence to operate, it is of great importance to have credible casino software. A Random Number Generator (RNG) makes sure the numbers are random and not affected by earlier winnings. The Return To Player (RTP) value is the number every slot has that tells you how much it pays out on average.

Fair Checklist:

  1. Credible casino software like PlayTech, Microgaming or NetEnt.
  2. Random Number Generation for fairness.
  3. Return To Player value makes sure you have decent odds.
Secure & Safe Online Casinos in the UK
The benefit of new online casinos in the UK

The benefit of new online casinos in the UK

New online casinos have the latest technology in terms of payment services and casino game software. Together with new ideas, this often results in a far more entertaining casino experience. If this was not enough, new casinos offer higher bonuses with more generous terms to attract the well needed new players.

The benefit of new online casinos in the UK
Compare top UK online casinos

Compare top UK online casinos

At CasinoRank we compare online casinos, and we have the means to do this thanks to over twenty years of experience within the industry.

When we review an online casino in the UK, we always look at a couple of things:

  • To have a licence is very important and provides a level of safety for you as a gambler. The casino shall also have been proven fair in an independent audit.
  • Furthermore, we always get in touch with the casino. Getting live contact with the casino is something we do to get an impression of the casino and the support staff. How the team treats customers is critical for anyone experiencing an issue while playing.
  • When we are evaluating UK casinos online, we have an internal checklist we follow to make sure we sustain a good level of quality in our work. We believe it’s a good idea to share it with you, so you can keep this in mind while selecting a UK casino online.
Compare top UK online casinos
Compare checklist:

Compare checklist:

User TermsThe best online casino should protect your personal information and data, such as card information, contact information, or address.
Deposit Options:Does the online casino support the most common deposit options?
Withdrawal OptionsWhen can you expect your winnings in your account? Withdrawal times differ from casino to casino.
Withdrawal TimesWhen can you expect your winnings in your account? Withdrawal times differ from casino to casino, but you don't want to wait for too long to receive your winnings.
Payment TermsAre the payments divided or do you receive them all at once? Sometimes, big winnings are split over days, weeks, or even months.
Bonus offers:What bonuses do the online casinos offer?
Bonus terms:What are the terms and conditions for the bonuses, and do they play a big role in the odds of winning?
Wagering requirement:What are the wagering requirements for bonuses and winnings?
Casino software:What casino software does the online casino collaborate with?
Game selection:What games do the online casino offer?
Loyalty program:Is there a loyalty program?
Licensing:Does the casino have a credible license to ensure safety and protection for its players?
Fairness:How fair is it? The casino should have proof of fairness from a third party.
Support hours:What are the customer support hours?
Support methods:Is the customer support only reachable via e-mail, or is there a live chat or a number to call?
Compare checklist:
Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

Remember to play responsibly. Have a budget for your gambling. In this way, you make it less likely to lose more than you can afford. When it is not fun anymore, you need to take a break and then return the next time you are ready.

When you are playing at an online casino, you need to be aware that your money is at risk. Losing is always an option, unfortunately, and most people do lose money when gambling.

Do you need help with playing responsibly, or with an addiction? Please visit

Responsible Gambling
Licences and regulations

Licences and regulations

Regulation of online gambling in a country is a good thing. This practically means that the government sets up rules for the casinos to follow. These regulations make it a safer environment for gamblers. The regulations determine what’s fair play and how the casinos can market their products.

An online casino must be transparent with the return to player value upon request and must not market gambling as a way to become rich.

The process to get approved in a regulated market is different from country to country. The casino applies for a licence and needs to show all the necessary documentation. When the casino gets approved they get its licence and are allowed to operate.

Onwards the regulator will check on the casino regularly that the casino fulfils its commitment. This is why you should always make sure a casino is licenced. Even if it’s not licenced in the UK, you can be sure they are following the rules.

Licences and regulations
Online casinos in the UK

The United Kingdom is a wonderful country to visit and one that readily welcomes visitors. There are some great sights to see and many different forms of entertainment to be enjoyed. The pubs here will take people back in time with their old English food fare and warm hospitality.

Throughout the UK one of the most famous beverages is a good cup of tea. It is estimated that over 163 million cups of tea are consumed daily throughout the country. When one travels every twenty five miles they will notice a distinct difference in the accents. Every region in the UK is worth visiting.

In the United Kingdom, the history of the small shops for sports betting goes way back when William Hill in the 30’s set up their shops. Today the gambling market for online casinos are regulated, and therefore it requires a license to operate. The license make sure the casino are following terms and conditions and respects the marketing guidelines.

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Online casinos in the UK

Online casinos in the UK

The UK is very proud of the number of online casinos that are legally available to play at. They are well regulated and there are different options for online casino play throughout the UK. These options may be available for both residents and guests to choose from.

There is the option of land-based casinos which there are several to pick from throughout the UK. Then another option is to enjoy the numerous online casinos that the UK has approved and licensed for operation. Both of these options offer many casino gameplay choices to be enjoyed by those of appropriate age.

Many UK online casinos nowadays also offer players the option to gamble seamlessly via their phones. Have a look at the top mobile casinos in the UK today.

Are casinos legal in the UK?

Although there are many casinos in the UK on land and online, it is important to determine if they are properly licensed. The UK has strict rules about gambling operations and their licensing. The information about their licensing should be readily available for anyone who wants to check this.

There are a lot of risks in playing at casinos that do not have the proper licensing. The licensing ensures that the casino owners are following the gambling rules and regulations. This applies to any country that allows casino gameplay either on land or online. The licensing keeps players safe, so they can enjoy the casino activity.

Real money online casinos in the UK

Being able to take advantage of what online casinos has to offer brings a lot of pleasure to many people. However, there are some rules that they should set for themselves. To begin with, they should set a budget as to what they can afford to bet with.

They should also consider withdrawing some of their winnings if these are substantial instead of using it all for gambling. Players should never participate in gambling activities if they are under the influence of alcohol. Or if they are not able to handle their gambling activities responsibly.

Online casinos in the UK
History of gambling in the United Kingdom

History of gambling in the United Kingdom

Everyone is aware of the popularity of gambling nowadays in the UK, and the rapid growth of online sports betting and casino sites has helped this. People can place a bet no matter where they are or what they are doing, but it hasn’t always been this way.

Gambling has been around in the UK for a very long time. People were betting on horseracing in the 19th century when bookmakers would set up in a pub and take bets with the help of runners who would keep an eye on the odds. This was not legal – they also needed lookouts to watch for the police! The Street Betting Act of 1906 was designed to put a stop to this behaviour with varying degrees of success. It was not until the Betting and Gaming Act of 1960 that off-course betting became legal.

The growth of betting shops

It was during the 1960s that betting shops started to open in large numbers and this meant that in-person attendances at horse and greyhound racing venues declined. There was a temporary rise in attendances during the 1980s as they became fashionable destinations for a day or evening out, but the vast majority of people still preferred to place their bets at a distance.

Once gambling became legal betting shops appeared in every high street in the country, while people who preferred other games could head to the bricks and mortar casino halls and the bingo halls. Before the advent of online casinos and other sports betting sites, the newspapers printed the daily sports fixtures such as the horse races, the football games and other events so that people could work out the bets that they wanted to place before heading down to the bookmakers.

The move to online gambling

The Gambling Commission was established in 2005 and the aim was to set up tighter controls over gambling activities. Some sites have found that their practices did not meet the requirements and struggled to obtain the appropriate licences. All online casinos and sports betting sites are overseen by the Gambling Commission. Since the growth of the internet, the work of the Commission has increased as more online sites are opening up and more members of the public are turning to them for entertainment.

History of gambling in the United Kingdom
Future of online casinos in the United Kingdom

Future of online casinos in the United Kingdom

As gambling has been legal for a long time in the UK, the process now is about keeping control of gambling activities. The Gambling Commission provides the process for obtaining the relevant licences and guides dealing with gambling problems, helping both online casinos and individuals to find assistance to support them if they are gambling too much.

The gambling sites that are available in the UK range from bingo sites that offer other games such as slots to online casinos that offer all the standard casino games such as poker, including live versions and online sports betting sites. These are the online equivalent of the high street betting shops. Most names that you will see on the high street have an online presence and for many people, it is far easier to sign up for an online account than it is to find the time to visit a brick and mortar bookmaker.

A growing industry

With so many sites available it is easy to see that this is an industry that has developed rapidly and yet carefully in the UK. All online gambling sites are required to assist those who feel they need it but at the same time, the whole process of placing a bet or playing a casino game has been designed to make it easy once the account is set up.

To sign up the user might have to have their age verified. This is part of the process to ensure that this site is being accessed only by those who are legally permitted to gamble and it is part of the measures set up by the Gambling Commission. However, once the signup process is complete the whole range of online casino games is available to the player.

Future of online casinos in the United Kingdom
How we select the best online casinos in the UK

How we select the best online casinos in the UK

Our review process involves looking at each aspect of an online casino and determining an overall score based on how they met our standards and expectations.

Some online casinos will be inevitably better than others, but all of our recommended casinos are safe to place real money bets. Below we’ll list the most important factors we look at and how they fare when it comes to UK casinos.

Online casino security

The UK online casino market is one of the largest in the world. Thus, one of the most developed gambling markets in terms of security and fair play. As per UK law, all online casinos that aim to service residents of the UK must obtain a license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the only gambling regulatory body in the UK.

The UKGC keeps a close eye on casino operators and imposes strict standards that ensure smooth operation and most importantly – fair treatment to customers.

Operators who disobey the UKGC risk large monetary punishments, or even license removal. What’s more, players who feel they’ve been wrongfully stripped of their winnings or mistreated in any other way can file a complaint with the UKGC.

Additionally, UK casinos have baseline online security standards such as SSL encryption, safeguarding all your personal information such as account details and payment method info.


Naturally, all UK casinos are available in UK English. Many respected UK brands also aim to serve a wide European player base and are thus available in additional languages such as Swedish, Norwegian, German and Finnish. Customer support is generally available in English, and rarely in other languages.

UK Customer support

Customer support is one of the most essential factors for having a good time while playing. When an inevitable question pops into your mind, or some issue interrupts your gameplay, it is good to know you can rely on a fast customer support channel to resolve your matter in no time.

Fortunately, UK online casinos are well aware of this, and most of them offer professional customer service via live chat. The casinos that offer live chat 24/7 get bonus points in our book, but what’s more important is the quality of the support offered, as well as the response times. A few minutes is a reasonable waiting time, which may rarely extend up to 5-10 minutes during peak hours.

Additionally, most UK casinos offer a local phone support number you can dial for a more personal touch. Alternatively, requesting a callback is also an option at some casinos.

Players have grown accustomed to live chat and rarely feel the need for phone support, which is why we withhold our strict judgment for UK casinos without a phone line.

How we select the best online casinos in the UK
Bonus and promotions at online casinos UK

Bonus and promotions at online casinos UK

Every UK online casino, without exception, makes sure to welcome new UK players with a generous welcome bonus. What’s more, many of these casinos extend their generosity with recurring promotions such as Holiday bonuses, weekly and monthly bonuses, and so forth.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is usually the most valuable promotional offer you can claim at any online casino. These bonuses are available exclusively on your first deposit, meaning you have one chance of claiming them.

Generally, a first deposit welcome bonus will match your deposit by 100% up to £100, doubling your money in the process. This is not exactly free money, as wagering requirements and other terms and conditions are involved, but they are worth claiming all things considered.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is highly sought after in the online casino market. The name speaks for itself; you get bonus money to play without depositing real cash in the process.

Many online casinos offer £10 no deposit bonuses or 10 Free Spins to new UK customers, but be wary that these bonuses come with higher wagering requirements and cash out limits.

Free Spins No Deposit

Occasionally, a UK online casino will treat you with a Free Spins bonus on a specific game. The funds you win from these free spins are later converted into bonus cash that needs to be wagered. In some cases, however, your bonus cash is wager-free and yours to withdraw immediately.

Bonus and promotions at online casinos UK


Everything you need to know about casinos

What Payment Methods Are Available For UK Online Casino Players?

UK online casinos are known to offer a wide variety of payment methods to players, such as credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets, and bank transfer.

Here we list some of the most common ones:

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Maestro
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Paysafecard
  • Zimpler
  • Bank Transfer

Keep in mind that some deposit methods are not available for withdrawals. Consult with the specific casino in question for this matter, or look up the information in our review section. Moreover, most UK casinos will prioritize sending withdrawals to the initial method you used to deposit.

Can I Expect Bonuses?

Welcome bonuses are one of the main draws for newcomers to UK online casinos. They are widely available, and usually offer 100% money boosts on your first deposit. More bonuses such as no deposit bonuses, free spins bonuses and reload bonuses are available to regular players at most UK casinos. As a prevention measure against money laundering, most UK online casinos don’t let you claim a bonus if you’ve made a deposit via Neteller or Skrill.

Can I Play For Free?

Yes, many UK online casinos let you try out games indefinitely for fun with no real money involved. This encompasses games like Classic Slots, Video Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Video Poker, Scratch Cards, and Casual Games. You can also play for free and real money if you claim a no deposit bonus.

Are There Withdrawal Fees for UK Players?

Withdrawal fees are different at every UK online casino. Most casinos don’t impose any fees on deposits and withdrawals, with the exception of Bank Transfer withdrawals. If you are using different currencies in your casino account and bank account/e-wallet, a slight conversion fee will be applied to your transactions.

How Long Does It Take Before I Receive My Winnings?

It depends on your method of withdrawal. If you are withdrawing to an e-wallet (Neteller, Skrill, PayPal), your winnings will be usually paid out within 24 hours. Withdrawals to credit cards, debit cards, and Bank Transfer can take anywhere between 2 to 7 business days, in most cases.

Keep in mind that most UK casinos also need time to process your withdrawal, usually up to 24 hours as well.

Anything Else I need to know Before I Receive My Winnings?

UK online casinos are required by law to verify the identity of each customer to prevent money laundering and underage gambling. This procedure is simple and accomplished by sending photos or scans of relevant identification documents to the casino’s support team. Consult your casino of choice for the exact details of the verification process.

Can I play With British Pounds in UK Online Casinos?

Yes. All UK casinos accept GBP as their primary currency for deposits and withdrawals. Bonus offers and other promotions are also marketed in GBP amounts. Many UK online casinos will allow you to use a different currency to GBP on your account, but be mindful of minor currency conversion fees.

Do I Need To Pay Taxes On My Gambling Winnings In The UK?

No, gambling winnings do not need to be reported to the authorities, and they are not subject to taxation in the United Kingdom, regardless of the amount you have lost or won. Gambling taxes to the government are paid by the casino operators, rather than the players.

Is It Safe To Play At UK Online Casinos?

It is perfectly legal and safe to place wagers on the casino, sports, poker, and other gambling products in any online gambling site that is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).