Top-rated Online gambling sites in Italy

Are you looking for legitimate and trustworthy online casinos in Italy? Although many online casinos accept Italian players, gamblers need to keep in mind that not every online casino in Italy are to be trusted.

If you are on the hunt for the best gambling experience Italian-licensed online casinos have to offer, you have come to the right place. We rank and review only the most trusted and safe Italian online casinos, so that you can rest easy and choose your favorite.

Read on to find useful tips, as well as the history of gambling in Italy.

Top-rated Online gambling sites in Italy
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Online casinos in Italy

Online casinos in Italy

As an Italian resident, you can visit only 5 legally licensed land casinos in the country. However, there are over 100 legal online casinos at your disposal licensed by the country’s Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies.

This means that Italians have the luxury of choosing between dozens of top-quality online casinos in their domestic language. What’s more, Italian online casinos offer some of the best games on the market, brought on by market-leading gaming providers.

As you read on, you will learn more about the Italian gambling scene, the types of payment options for online casinos, the variety of games, and the exact legal situation in the country.

If you are looking to get started right away, just have a look at our list of Italian-licensed online casinos.

Every casino we feature has been reviewed from head to toe by our expert team, meaning that all you have to do is make a choice, sign-up, deposit, and play.

Online casinos in Italy
History of gambling in Italy

History of gambling in Italy

As with any country boasting a long, rich history, gambling has been present in Italian society for centuries. In fact, the first records date back to the Roman Empire, when Roman legionnaires enjoyed Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum, the basis of modern backgammon.

Many other games have originated out of Italy, though it is hard to say for certain whether they were influenced by other cultures. It is said that Baccarat was invented in Italy somewhere during the 15th century.

During the same period, Italians enjoyed a game titled Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia, a game of chance with a striking resemblance to bingo, which is why it is said that bingo was also invented in Italy.

In 1638, in the city of Venice, the country’s first gambling house was opened. It was called Ridotto, where games like Biribi and Bassetta were both enjoyed.

However, as the house edge in these games was too high, and only higher class citizens could realistically afford to play, Ridotto was banned in 1774.

This only resulted in the rise of illegal gambling venues, called “casinos”. Thus, the word casino originates from Italy as well.

In modern times, Italian criminal law generally regards gambling as an illegal activity. However, sports betting and lottery are considered games of skill rather than games of chance and are legal in many forms across the country.

Today’s Italian gambling laws are surprisingly liberal, and even certain land casinos have been allowed to acquire a license. Yet, only 5 land casinos are present on Italian soil.

  • Casino di Sanremo
  • Casino di Campione d’Italia
  • Casino Saint-Vincent
  • Casino Venice
  • Casino de la Vallee

The minimum gambling age is 18, and players are required to verify their identity with their personal ID upon entry into the casino. The casinos boast many table games in the likes of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Poker.

Gambling nowadays in Italy

In terms of online gambling, the market was greatly liberalized in 2006, when the European Commission found that Italy’s anti-gambling regulations violated the European Union’s 98/34/EC Directive related to provisions of information in fields of technical regulations.

Because of this, in 2010, Italy made important amendments to their gambling laws, removing a total of 621 blacklisted gambling websites, and allowing foreign online gambling operators to serve Italian customers, as long as they had acquired a proper license.

In 2011, another breakthrough was made, and new regulation allowed the legal play of poker and casino games for real money. Previously, in 2007, only poker tournaments had been legalized.

In contrast to many other European countries, Italy’s general gambling and online gambling markets are a notch above the rest, and we can expect even more progress in the future.

Mobile casinos are also a trend that we can see is picking up in Italy. Be sure to check out the best mobile casino italian.

Most certainly, the Italian government will look to capitalize on the tax benefits from the rise of online gambling, and even more, lenient legislation looks to be on the horizon.

History of gambling in Italy
Italian players' favorite games

Italian players' favorite games

Italy has been the source of several popular gambling games enjoyed worldwide, yet the country does not hold too many preferences for one or two gambling games. Many players have varying preferences, and the public enjoys many forms of gambling.

Bingo and lottery have been historically popular in the country, and remain as such to this day. Betting on sports is also prominent, especially since football is very popular in the country.

Casino games in the likes of Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker are prominently featured by Italian casinos and preferred by many gambling enthusiasts.

All of these forms of gambling can also be enjoyed online. Of course, Italians also love slot machines, and video slots in particular. Italy Online casinos licensed by the AAMS have the liberty of offering Italian residents many forms of casino games and betting in general:

  • Video Slots
  • Classic Slot Machines
  • Jackpot Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Poker and Poker Tournaments
  • Sports Betting
  • Keno, Bingo, Lottery, Scratch Cards
Italian players' favorite games
How we select the best Italian online casinos

How we select the best Italian online casinos

The landmark decision by Italian authorities to form the AAMS led to hundreds of leading Italy online casino brands acquiring a license of serving Italian customers.

This means that your choices are virtually limitless, and as a beginner to the world of online gambling, you may be lost on where to play. This is why we’re here to help with our casino reviews.

For this purpose, we will also go through the most important aspects we look at when reviewing Italian online casinos, and give you a brief overview of how these casinos generally fare on the market.

How we select the best Italian online casinos
Security of Italian online casinos

Security of Italian online casinos

Security is most likely the primary concern for every newcomer to online gambling, even in this day and age. Simply put, we are not yet used to “blindly” putting our money in the hands of unknown entities.

However, in the age of the Internet, there is no chance a shady online casino makes it to see the light of day, as information spreads like wildfire, and these casinos are quickly blacklisted by the community.

That’s as far as the community is concerned, but what should really put your fears to rest is the AAMS, Italy’s body for licensing and regulating online casinos.

This state-run branch employs strict standards of fair play on all casino operators who aim to serve Italian customers, meaning it is virtually impossible for you to be scammed out of your money.

As Italian online casinos are licensed within the country itself, you also have the right for criminal prosecution in the case of wrongful treatment.

More reason to put your worries to rest is the fact that the AAMS has the legal basis of handing out heavy monetary fines to any operator disobeying their strict terms on fair play and security.

In extreme cases, operators may have their license removed, which they had to pay 350,000 Euros to acquire in the first place.

Security of Italian online casinos
Play with Euro (EUR) in Italian casinos

Play with Euro (EUR) in Italian casinos

Italy, a land known for its rich history, captivating landscapes, and cultural treasures, also holds a special place in the hearts of gaming enthusiasts. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the dynamic online casino ecosystem of Italy, where the Euro (EUR) shines as the currency of choice. Join us as we journey through Italy's diverse casino sites, where the thrill of gaming awaits.

Discovering Italy's Casino Sites

Italy's online casino panorama offers an exhilarating array of options for players seeking gaming variety. From timeless table classics to cutting-edge video slots and interactive live casino experiences, Italian casino sites provide an extensive menu of entertainment. The allure is enhanced by the use of the Euro (EUR), ensuring seamless financial transactions and a hassle-free gaming adventure.

Advantages of EUR in Online Casinos sites in Italy

Engaging with the Euro (EUR) within Italian online casinos unlocks several benefits:

Currency Convenience: The EUR eliminates the need for currency conversions, granting you precise control over your gaming budget without the concern of fluctuating exchange rates.

Secure Transactions: Italian online casinos prioritize the utmost security for financial dealings, offering robust payment methods that adhere to stringent regulatory standards.

Streamlined Gaming Experience: Many Italian casino sites offer payment options tailored to local preferences, simplifying account management and withdrawals for an optimized user experience.

Play with Euro (EUR) in Italian casinos
Language at Italian online casinos

Language at Italian online casinos

Naturally, all Italian online casinos are available in Italian, and offer the EUR as a primary currency.

However, many of the casinos marketed to Italians are also available in English and other common European languages, if for some reason you desire to play in a different language.

Language at Italian online casinos
Customer support for Italian online casino players

Customer support for Italian online casino players

The golden standard for all successful modern online casinos is live chat support, which all Italian casinos prominently feature.

Live chat support means players can rest assured that their gaming sessions can go as smoothly as possible. Typically, when a customer requests help via live chat, response times are a minute or two.

What’s more, support teams at Italian online casinos are professional, friendly, and eager to help new and existing players alike.
Many Italian casinos also boast customer support, whereas e-mail support is the bare minimum, with response times of 12 to 24 hours.

Customer support for Italian online casino players
Software and gaming selection at Italian online casinos

Software and gaming selection at Italian online casinos

The repertoire of software providers is an excellent indicator of the type of gaming quality you can expect at any online casino. Italian online casinos are often powered by industry-bar setters in the likes of Net Entertainment, Yggdrasil, Play N GO, Betsoft, and Microgaming.

This means you can expect hundreds of well-paying titles that are the peak of the quality of modern casino gaming in all aspects – aesthetics, payout potential, and variety.

Our review section always puts a strong emphasis on the gaming selection, highlighting all the good and bad aspects, to give you a clear picture of exactly what you can expect in terms of the games on offer.

Slot machines

Slot Machines are by far the most popular game among online casino gamers. They come in several forms: Classic Slots, Video Slots and Progressive Jackpots.

Classic Slot variants feature 3-reel structures, and they remind of the games being played decades ago.

Still, these nostalgia-inducing slot machines hold up well to this day thanks to their simple mechanics and great payout potential.

Table games

Table Games in the likes of Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and Poker are a staple inclusion of every Italian online casino.

What’s more, besides the basic versions of these popular games, you can also come across dozens of unique game variants that can only be met in the online spheres of gambling.

Video poker

Video Poker is a popular choice for many online gamblers, and m any Italian online casinos prominently feature games such as Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, Aces and Eights, and similar titles.

Live casino

The Live Casino is without a doubt the most immersive gaming experience one can attain while playing online.

Italian online casinos, often powered by Evolution Gaming, offer live dealer tables of unparalleled quality.

Powered by high-definition streams, professional and engaging table hosts, and a myriad of quality of life features, live dealer tables are something that must be experienced by every game of skill enthusiast.

Software and gaming selection at Italian online casinos
Bonuses at Italian online casinos

Bonuses at Italian online casinos

Bonuses are often the number one factor players are drawn to when deciding which new casino to join, and rightfully so. Given the casino meets industry requirements of safety, the bonus will often be the difference-maker for most gamers.

Online casinos in Italy will often double your initial bankroll via the welcome bonus, but may also offer you reoccurring promotions in the form of free spins and cashback bonuses.

Occasionally, you can also relish the highly sought-after no deposit bonus as well.

Welcome Bonuses

The welcome bonus is often the most valuable bonus you can claim at any online casino. This bonus will typically match your first, or first few deposits by 100% up to €100, effectively doubling your bankroll.

In many cases, a casino will triple your bankroll and even offer much larger bonus sums, such as €500. However, pay in mind the wagering requirements when claiming a bonus. A €500 bonus may seem good in theory, but wagering it may prove a drawn-out process, even with fair wagering requirements.

Free Spins Bonuses

Free Spins bonuses are pretty self-explanatory, and represent Free Games on a certain slot game of a group of slot games that are later converted into bonus cash. Money won from Free Spins will need to be wagered just like any other bonus, with some exceptions. Free Spins are often paired with Welcome Bonus cash offers or presented as standalone promotions during key events of the year.

No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses are a rarity but are still available from time to time to Italian players. These bonuses require no deposit on the player’s part, meaning it is a complete risk-free chance of winning money.

Naturally, no deposit bonuses have strict rules in places, such as cashout limits (typically set at €100) and higher-than-usual wagering requirements.

Bonuses at Italian online casinos
Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

For those who wish to read more about responsible gaming or need help with addiction, please visit these websites below.

Responsible Gambling
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Everything you need to know about casinos

Are there Casinos in Italy?

Yes, Italy has regulated casinos where players can enjoy a variety of games such as slots and table games.

Do I Need to Pay Taxes on Online Gambling Winnings in Italy?

No, personal gambling winnings are not taxable in Italy.
The Italian government’s fiscal plan for 2020 proposes a 12% tax rate on all personal gambling winnings under €500. However, this is yet to take effect, and it is unknown whether it will take effect at all, therefore Italian residents are not liable to paying any taxes for the time being. In terms of operators, online casinos are liable to 25% tax of their GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue), online sports betting companies must pay 24% of their GGR, whereas land-based facilities are liable to a 20% tax rate of their GGR.

Can I Play With Euros at Online Casinos?

With the Euro being the primary currency of the European Union and all European online casinos, Italian players will have no trouble using their domestic currency at the best online casinos around.

Is It Safe To Play at Italian Online Casinos?

It is perfectly safe and legal to gamble at any Italian online casinos licensed by the Italian Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies (AASM).
The country holds strict gambling regulations in place and you can rest assured that you will be playing at one of the most trustworthy online casinos in the world.

Can I Play For Free at Italian Online Casinos?

Many gaming providers offer a “Play For Fun” option of their casino games. This is a great way of familiarizing yourself with a game before playing it for real money. Games in fun mode are identical to their real money counterparts, and there are no time limits to how much you can play.
In some cases, you will need to create a casino account to play for free, but no deposits are required.

Can I Expect Bonuses at Casinos in Italy?

Absolutely, all Italian online casinos welcome newcomers with generous bonuses, starting with the welcome bonus. As a player, you can also expect free spins bonuses, cash back offers and various promotions throughout the year.

Are There Withdrawal Fees at Italian Online Casinos?

Italian online casinos rarely charge fees for deposits and withdrawals.
Instead, this will depend on your payment method of choice. Credit and Debit Card providers only incur minor fees if currency conversion is involved. E-wallets charge minimal transaction fees that are generally between 1% to 3% of your transaction amount. If withdrawing through Bank Transfer, you can anticipate higher fixed fees, therefore it’s best to avoid this payment option.

What Do I Need To Do To Receive My Winnings?

As per standard online gambling security regulations, all online casino players are required to verify their identity prior to requesting a withdrawal.
This is standard procedure in the online casino world, and is usually completed by sending a photo or scan of your personal ID alongside a photo or scan of a utility bill no older than 3 months. The verification process takes a few days, which is why we recommend you initiate it as soon as you create a casino account. This way, your withdrawals will be processed as quickly as possible.

How Long Will It Take Before I Receive My Winnings?

Once again, this depends on your payment method. Credit and Debit Card withdrawals, as well as Bank Transfer payouts, take the longest to process. Your winnings through these methods will usually take 3 to 7 business days to fully process. In contrast, e-wallet payouts rarely take longer than 24 hours. In many cases, you will be paid out instantly or in a few hours.

Which Payment Methods Are Available at Italian Online Casinos?

Italian players have the benefit of choosing between a myriad of payment options, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets and prepaid cards. The standard payment methods available to most Europeans are all at Italian players’ disposal. This includes VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard, Trustly. You can also take advantage of some Italian-exclusive payment options such as PostePay or Bancomat.

We always recommend the use of e-wallets due to their ease of use and speed of transactions. You can also request a prepaid card from Neteller and Skrill and directly withdraw your cash via ATM with minimal fees involved. Alternatively, linking your bank account to your e-wallet provider is also an option. As means of deposit, Paysafecard is also an excellent, cost-efficient option, as all you have to do is purchase a physical card from one of the thousands points of sale across the country.