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Online Casinos by Language

Most online casinos have multiple languages to choose from. This is of course to make sure that the customers enjoying their casino gambling experience get the very best service to their preferences. Supporting local languages and preferred languages shows the casinos dedication to customer experience and service. Here you can list all casinos based on whatever language you prefer.


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Swedish is a north germanic language with its history rooted in the old Norse spoken in scandinavia during the viking era. It is the only national language in Sweden but it is also a national language in neighbouring Finland, spoken by a small minority. Almost 10 million people in Sweden has it as their first language. Old Norse as we know it today traces back to the 8th and 9th century. The old swedish developed around 13th century.

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Spanish developed in the Castile region of spain and is also referred to as castilian. There are hundreds of millions of people that speak it today and it mainly spread during the colonization of south america by spain. Most countries in south america have spanish as a native language. Spanish is a latin language and it is said that spanish consists of 75% Latin. It has also influences from french, italian, portuguese and catalan. Spanish has also been influenced by arabic.

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Japanese is an east asian language spoken by close to 130 million people. It is the national language of Japan. Its documented history dates back to the 3rd century. During the 8th century chinese had influence on the old japanese at that time. during the 12 and 17th century loanwords from the european languages started to appear. The main japanese at the time was located around the Kansai region and Edo, the old japanese capital.

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Italian is an official language of Italy, Switzerland, San marino and the Vatican state. As a first language it has around 70 million speakers. As a second language the number reaches 90 million people in total. It is a minority language in many countries, especially the neighbouring region. Italian traces its roots back to Latin. It is the most similar language to latin used today.

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Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia and is referred in Indonesia to Bahasa Indonesia or simpy Bahasa. The roots and base is Malay or to be more precise classical malay spoken in sumatra. The oldest evidence of old malay existing in Indonesia is from the 7th century. Dutch colonization of Indonesia tried to spread dutch as the national languagebut japanese occupation stopped that development outlawing dutch. That was in 1942 and in 1945 Bahasa Indonesia was established as the national language.

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German is a central european language spoken by 95 million people as their first language. Another 10-15 million has it as their second language. German is mainly spoken in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is also spoken in Luxembourg. Lichtenstein, South Tyrol in Italy and in a german community in Belgium. Previously german was a second choice for many european countries in school before the global spread of english in the modern era.

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