August 30, 2022

How to become a professional gambler?

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Want to become a professional gambler? Becoming a professional gambler requires lots of hard work and dedication. Players must get everything right, from the type of online casino games to play, to the mathematical side of these games. Becoming a professional gambler is not everyone’s cup of tea.

How to become a professional gambler?

Either case, in this guide, you’ll learn the best qualities of successful gamblers and how to become one. Ready to learn? Let's dive right in.

Lower Your Expectations

Here is the first rule of thumb in online gambling: low expectations. No, that’s not to say that professional gamblers are not sure of winning. Instead, they just don’t expect to win all the time. The thing is that all casino games give a mathematical edge to the house, no matter how small. This means you’ll lose if you continue playing in the long run. So, gamble for pleasure and avoid any pressure to win. 

Create Lots of Free Time

It’s impossible to be a professional gambler while on your 8-to-5 job. Gambling can be very demanding, especially for beginners, since there’s a lot to learn. From choosing the right online casino and games to bankroll management and learning betting systems, professional players have their hands full. But after gaining enough skills, you can start gambling part-time. 

Don’t Play Slot Machines

Slot machines are popular online casino games, thanks to their shiny looks, simplicity, and high payouts. These games make up more than 70% of most casino libraries and are often attached to welcome bonuses. But the bad thing about slots and other luck-based games is that they reduce players to bystanders after spinning the reels. For this reason, sharpen your skills and play skill-based games like poker and blackjack. The house edge here can be less than 0.5%.

Know the Math

Professional gamblers know how to calculate the math surrounding each game. This can be hard and time-consuming for most gamblers, although it’s worth it. Learn how to calculate the house edge, probability, and winning odds in games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps. You’ll get the upper hand when choosing a profitable bet. You can also learn how to calculate the hourly losses and use it to craft a working bankroll. 

Bet and die

They say that scared money always loses. The best casino players are always not afraid to take advantage of profitable opportunities. As stated earlier, the house always has a mathematical edge in any online casino game you play. Even when you choose even money bets like Red/Black and High/Low, your chances of winning a wager don’t reach 50%. This means the longer you play, the more the losses. So, don’t place $1 bets and expect to be a professional gambler

Money Management

All the points discussed above will lead you in one direction – bankroll management. All smart bettors know that winnings are sweet and losses are painful. As such, they don’t gamble away money on essential things like house rent, car service, school fees, etc. Besides gambling with money, you can afford to lose, set a stop-loss limit, and leave the table afterward. Remember, life entails more than just gambling the entire day. 

Control Your Stress

Professional gambling can be stressful at times. Players often lose more than they win a bet. So, if you can’t absorb the shocks of losing a bet, don’t think of going professional. Successful gamblers know that there are good and bad days. Keep calm and try the next day when things aren’t going your way. Again, bankroll management will come in handy. 

Have Good Table Skills

If you’ve ever played a card game in a land-based casino, you’ll know just how vital table skills are. First, look sharp, friendly, and light-hearted to add a nice gaming vibe to the room. Also, know when to raise, fold, call, count cards, and perform other necessary tricks. In poker, for example, professional players will easily mark out the ‘fish’ by looking at their playing style. Be aggressive and tactical. 

Always Stay Healthy

Becoming a successful gambler without being mindful of your health is a pipe dream. You can’t sit on your couch betting the whole day when you already weigh more than 500 pounds. Also, betting when you already have poor mental health or betting under frustration can be disastrous. Go to the gym and eat healthily. In addition, contact a local problem gambling agency as soon as you notice signs of gambling addiction. 

Final Advice

Professional betting is undoubtedly not a walk in the park. The chances are even that you won’t cut it as a professional casino player. You’ll need self-discipline, a big bankroll, and general life skills to succeed. So, gamble for entertainment and don’t bank too much on wins. Note that even the best poker players lose most of the time. Take care!

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