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Bingo is one of the most famous games played worldwide, and to play bingo, cards are used. Online bingo can use online bingo cards, and players can also generate their own bingo cards with a free bingo card generator. Using virtual bingo cards is not complicated at all, as players will find guidelines as they generate the card.

The other thing worth noticing is the bingo numbers, which are also known as bingo calls. Players might have heard of the terms bingo lucky numbers, bingo winning numbers, bingo game numbers, and bingo calls numbers. These numbers represent the huge list of bingo calls that we will describe in this article.

Everything About Online Bingo Cards And Calls

Bingo Cards

Bingo cards are basically the cards used to play online bingo. There are a total of 2 types of cards. One of them is a 5x5 grid designed for 75-ball bingo, which is popular in the United States. The other employs a 9x3 grid for 90-ball bingo or Housie in the United Kingdom.

75 bingo cards

Players use cards with five columns of five squares each, with the center square specified as a free space and the other squares bearing numbers. The columns’ numbers are:

  • B 1 through 15
  • I 16 through 30
  • N 31 through 45
  • G 46 through 60
  • O 61 through 75

90 bingo cards

Cards are commonly referred to as tickets in UK bingo, also known as Housie. Three rows and nine columns are present on the cards. Five numerals and four empty spaces are randomly arranged in each row. Amounts are distributed per column (1–9, 10–19, 20–29, 30–39, 40–49, 50–59, 60–69, 70–79, and 80–90).

Bingo Calls

Bingo Calls are also known as bingo numbers or bingo lingo. Many players don’t understand bingo calls to the fullest, as there is a huge list of bingo call numbers. There are 90 bingo calls, so we will discuss every bingo game number. You can find the whole list below:

  1. Kelly’s eye: A common bingo call that is either thought to be a homage to the Australian folk hero Ned Kelly or to have military slang roots.
  2. One little duck: The number 2 appears to be a tiny solitary duck. Just visualize the form to help players recall this bingo call.
  3. Cup of tea: Cup of Tea simply means number 3.
  4. Knock at the door: The phrase "one, two, fasten my shoe, three, four knocks at the door" is part of the well-known nursery rhyme that inspired this bingo call. Some of the players may know it from the Freddy Kruger films.
  5. Man alive: This groundbreaking BBC documentary from 1965 attracted large audiences and became a well-liked bingo call in the UK.
  6. Tom Mix/Half a dozen: A pioneering cowboy figure in silent films who became well-known for pulling off his own stunts. Between 1909 and 1935, Tom Mix produced over 336 feature films.
  7. Lucky seven: It is another common bingo call that is fortunate and well-known in bingo and gambling rooms around the world.
  8. Garden gate: This bingo call embodies the rhyme and vocabulary of Cockney.
  9. Doctor’s orders: A number 9 pill, which dates back to World War Two, was a potent laxative used to rid the body of ailments when a precise diagnosis was not feasible.
  10. [Prime Minister’s name]’s den: This now reflects 10 Downing Street and the PM's changes. Number 10, Cameron's Den, is based on rhyme.
  11. Legs eleven: This bingo call is another one that is visually appealing, since the number 11 resembles a pair of legs. In real bingo rooms, you can hear a player whistling in response to this call.
  12. One Dozen: A dozen.
  13. Unlucky for some: In Italy, it's a symbol of luck, although it's regarded as unfortunate in other western countries.
  14. Valentine’s Day: The day of love.
  15. Young and keen: Alternatively, try "Rugby Team" if you're not.
  16. Sweet 16 and never been kissed: A milestone birthday throughout the world.
  17. Dancing Queen: To comprehend this bingo call, which pays homage to the heyday of Abba classics, go to YouTube right now and play this timeless tune.
  18. Coming of age: This phrase can also be used to mean "now you can vote," referring to the age at which teenagers become adults.
  19. Goodbye teens: The final birthday of adolescence before turning 20 and becoming an adult.
  20. One score: A score is older vocab for 20. Specifically, the phrase "four score and seven years ago" is used in this bingo call to allude to Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.
  21. Royal salute/Key of the door: A salute of 21 guns fired at military and royal parades.
  22. Two little ducks: A shape-based visual bingo call; your first little duck has a friend now.
  23. Thee and me.
  24. Two dozen.
  25. Duck and dive: This is simple to acquire if the number 2 is represented by a duck and the number 5 follows as a snake. A snake would make a duck dive for cover.
  26. Pick and mix.
  27. Gateway to heaven.
  28. In a state/Overweight.
  29. Rise and shine.
  30. Dirty Gertie: Also Known as Dirty Gertie from Bizerte, this World War II song has endured ages to be played in bingo parlors all around the world.
  31. Get up and run.
  32. Buckle my shoe: This bingo call is an extension of the children's rhyme from number four. Jimmy Choo is a well-known shoe designer.
  33. Dirty knee/All the threes/Fish, chips & peas.
  34. Ask for more: Oliver Twist reference.
  35. Jump and jive.
  36. Three dozen.
  37. More than eleven.
  38. Christmas cake.
  39. 39 steps: The Hitchcock picture The 39 Steps, from 1935, is being seen today.
  40. Life begins: Another bingo call honoring a significant birthday when things start to get wicked.
  41. Time for fun: Life has started.
  42. Winnie the Pooh: This bingo call honors A. A. Milne, the creator of the honey bear fable and enduring favorite of British childhood, Winnie the Pooh.
  43. Down on your knees.
  44. Droopy drawers.
  45. Halfway there.
  46. Up to tricks.
  47. Four and seven.
  48. Four dozen.
  49. PC: This bingo call is in reference to the 1946-53 show centered on the exploits of an unorthodox copper who invented the term "rise and shine." The Adventures of P.C. 49 are still being used as bingo calls years after they originally aired.
  50. Half a century.
  51. Tweak of the thumb: I love my Mum
  52. Danny La Rue: a bingo call that pays homage to the Irish musician known for his passion for cross-dressing, Danny La Rue.
  53. Here comes Herbie/Stuck in a tree.
  54. Clean the floor.
  55. Snakes alive: Linked to the Number Shape: Fifty-Five (and mentioned in 25, duck and dive).
  56. Shotts Bus: Was She Worth It?
  57. Heinz's varieties: Despite having many more recipes, Mr. Heinz chose to stop developing variants of his favorite number, 57, so that Heinz baked beans would only be sold in 57 different cans.
  58. Make them wait.
  59. Brighton Line.
  60. Five dozen.
  61. Baker’s bun.
  62. Turn the screw/Tickety-boo: Often known as tickety-boo in bingo, it is army slang for everything being alright.
  63. Tickle me 63.
  64. Redraw.
  65. Old age pension: This bingo call shows the customary retirement age in the United Kingdom.
  66. Clickety click.
  67. Stairway to heaven.
  68. Saving Grace.
  69. Favorite of mine/either way up: If players look at the numbers from the bottom up, they signify the opposite. This is also referred to as "Meal for Two," and order number 69 on a takeout or restaurant menu designates it as such.
  70. Three scores and ten.
  71. Bang on the drum.
  72. Six dozen.
  73. Queen bee.
  74. Hit the floor.
  75. Strive and strive.
  76. Trombones.
  77. Sunset Strip: This bingo call is based on an American detective series produced by Warner Brothers between 1958 and 1964, which was shown in prime-time on Saturday nights in the UK.
  78. 39 more steps.
  79. One more time.
  80. Eight and blank: This one is straightforward to find, but you can also see it referred to as "Gandhi's Breakfast", since the number 8 is meant to symbolize a cross-legged, sitting Gandhi.
  81. Stop and run.
  82. Straight on through: Related to journeying, but also known as a "fat lady with a duck," which refers to the pictures the numerals may and have portrayed before.
  83. Time for tea.
  84. Seven dozen.
  85. Staying alive: The Bee Gees' 1977 global smash that was featured in the motion picture Saturday Night Fever.
  86. Between the sticks: Goalkeeper lingo used in football.
  87. Torquay in Devon.
  88. Two fat ladies: Two Fat Women Returning to the graphics, the number 88 resembles the curves of two curvaceous women.
  89. Nearly there.
  90. Top of the shop.

These are all the bingo numbers, so players can read them once and get to know about the origin. However, some calls are just simple, so there’s no explanation for them.

Learning Bingo Calls

Bingo calls can be easily learned as players can just learn them online by taking quizzes. Just google “bingo call quiz”, and that’s how players will be able to test their knowledge. If they can’t remember every single one, then by taking quizzes, players will be able to learn them much more effectively.

Bingo Calls Chart

It's simple to use the chart to discover the names of the bingo number calls and their origins; all you have to do is click on the numbered ball you want to learn about, and an Answer Box will appear with the information. Afterward, you can either click anywhere outside the Answer Box to get back to the main chart, or use the next and previous arrows inside the answer box to go through each number call explanation one at a time.


Bingo is one of the most played games worldwide, and bingo cards are used to play this game at top online casinos. Players can also generate online bingo cards with a free bingo card generator, as it is not hard at all. In the article, players will find a huge list of bingo calls that are difficult to memorize, but they can take quizzes to learn them.

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Do bingo cards have to be different?

The number of winning cards is not unique, even though each card's combination number is.

How many bingo cards are there?

The bare minimum required to play the game is one entry packet worth of cards. For every regular game and occasionally a special game, the entry package typically contains six to twelve cards. Each bingo hall sets its own entrance package prices and contents.

Are bingo cards random?

Yes, the numbers used to create bingo cards are chosen at random. There are 5.5x1026 potential number combinations and as many possible playing cards.

Is there a bingo card generator?

Yes, there are tons of bingo card generators. Canva's bingo card generator is free to use and allows you to generate as many bingo cards as you want.

Where do bingo numbers come from?

In the latter half of the 1770s, the game reached France, where a young Frenchman created a different variation. He randomly arranged the numbers one through 90 on cards, printing them in three rows across and nine vertically.

How many numbers are in bingo?

In a conventional bingo game, the numbers 1 through 75 are used. From left to right, the card's five columns are labeled B, I, N, G, and O. The free area in the middle, which is often indicated with one, is taken as automatically filled.

How do I get a bingo number?

Simply click Select a Bingo Ball in the generator to select a number, and the random number will be shown.

What bingo numbers are called the most?

The most often called bingo numbers were six and four, but it was also discovered that 42, 62, 72, 51, 64, 81, 47, and 57 were called more frequently than usual.

What is the luckiest number in bingo?

The most common winning number is 6, which is also the luckiest, despite the fact that bingo is plainly a game of chance.

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