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Best 19 Caribbean Stud Online in 2020 🏆 Highest Paying Online Casinos

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What is Online Caribbean Stud?

Online Caribbean Stud is a version of the card game which is offered over the internet. The game involves several players playing against the house/dealer in a five-card hand of poker. It is usually played in rounds, whose number depends on the dealer's hand after the first deal.

Online Caribbean Stud can be played in two formats; the simple online poker format or the live-dealer version. In the simple form, players get the cards dealt to them, but they can see the dealer or the house. In the live version, a video stream helps players see the dealer as if they were inside the casino.

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Caribbean Stud Online Casinos
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Megapari review
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How to Play Online Caribbean Stud

The method of play depends on the particular game type you are looking for. For a simple online game, one just needs to have money in their betting account, then activate the game from the casino's table games menu. With the live-dealer version, one will require to go a step further and activate the video option from the list.

This will require a reliable internet connection to avoid losing the game when play is midway. A cable connection is advisable or, when playing on mobile, finding a place with a strong signal and avoiding too much movement.

The aim of this game is to end up with a better five-card hand than the dealer. This is achieved by having favourable cards or when the dealer happens to have bad cards. The hands of other players are irrelevant to your bet. Actually, you do not get to see additional player's cards when playing online.

Cards are compared once all players have played a 'raise' or 'fold' option after the first deal. A tie of cards can also result for both the player and dealer hands. When this happens, neither of the two parties lose or gain any money. Players may also bet on a progressive jackpot in the game.

Online Caribbean Stud Rules

The rules for playing online are mostly similar to those used in a real casino. The game begins with players showing intent to take part in a round, which is done by placing a wager known as an 'ante.' At the same time, players willing to play the jackpot can place a $1 side bet. Once the ante wagers are placed, the player is dealt five cards face-down. The dealer, on the other hand, receives four cards face-down and one card face-up. The player can take a private look at his own cards without revealing them.

Once cards are dealt to both the player and the dealer, the player decides whether to fold or raise. A decision to fold means the player loses his ante wager, and the side bet if it was placed.

If a player wishes to play, they place a raise which is equal to the initial ante wager or double. At this point, the dealer then reveals his four remaining cards and a comparison is made.

To qualify, the dealer has to have an ace and a king or higher. If the dealer qualifies, the player loses all the money, and vice versa. When both hands are equal, both sides push.

Caribbean Stud Basic Strategy

The strategy for playing online Caribbean Stud is guided purely by the face-up card which the dealer has. It helps the player speculate whether the dealer is likely to qualify, and thus informs the decision on whether to fold or raise. The player's own cards are also a contributing factor to the betting decision.

When the face-up card is either of the two main qualifying cards, i.e. an Ace or a King, and the player's cards are unfavorable, the most prudent decision is to cut your losses. Folding is sometimes part of the strategy as it shields you from a more significant loss.

That said, one must always keep in mind that gambling is all about taking risks when forming a strategy. If you don't take risks, every hand will look suspicious and will be calling you to fold. Since Caribbean Stud does not involve busting, any face cards should be a reason to raise.

Moreover, it is always wise to place the side bet. Depending on how far the progressive jackpot has moved, a side bet could just be the chance to strike it rich. The best aspect is that it only costs a buck and any loss will not significantly hurt your gambling session.

Free Caribbean Stud

Casinos may allow you to play Caribbean Stud for free during some sessions. During these sessions, players get to take part in real bets without placing any wagers. Playing in this model does not win the player any money, but they are not exposed to the risk of loss either.

As a strategy, free play in Caribbean Stud is a much-welcomed opportunity. It helps players, especially newbies, to understand different hands and which decisions to make when dealt certain cards. This prepares them for the true gamble when they begin betting with real money and chasing wins in the game and jackpot.

Online Caribbean Stud for Real Money

Caribbean Stud is poker in its purest form. It is a game where experienced players can make good money even when playing online. The progressive jackpot always presents players with an additional winning possibility. Generally, it is a great game to try your luck if you are a seasoned player.

However, care should always be taken, as the rounds can quickly siphon all your money. This is one of those casino games where a betting plan is required. Always go in with a set gambling budget and never bet over your limit. Do not bet when the hurt of loss is fresh or when intoxicated.

History of Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is among some of the youngest casino table games. Although its exact origin is not documented, it began sometime in the early 1980s. David Sklansky, a professional poker player, has often laid claim to the roots of the game. He reportedly sold the game and the patent.

The patented game received a few tweaks, among them the inclusion of the hitherto absent progressive jackpot. It took quite a period of time to catch on among poker fans but eventually gained popularity. It is one of the games which have been easy to draft into the online casino platform due to the ease of play.


📌 What is Caribbean Stud online?

  • Caribbean Stud online is a computerized version of the five stud poker game. The game is similar to standard poker using the typical 52 card deck. The main difference is that players are attempting to beat the dealer and not other players.

  • 📌 Is Caribbean Stud a game of luck?

  • Caribbean Stud Poker, just like other poker variations, requires skill in order to do well. At the end of each round players can choose to either fold or raise. A solid understanding of the game and of the probability of certain outcomes certainly helps with these decisions.

  • 📌 Where is Caribbean Stud most popular?

  • Caribbean Stud is most popular amongst American players. The game was invented in 1982 by David Slansky.

  • 📌 Is Caribbean Stud online rigged?

  • Caribbean Stud Online has the potential to be rigged, but this is only if you're using an unlicensed gambling website. Do some research before you play and check the reviews.

  • 📌 Which is the most popular Caribbean Stud online?

  • There are not many different versions of Caribbean Stud because the game is a version itself of Poker. There are slight variations of the presentation of the game and of course different gambling companies may offer different start packages and incentives.

  • 📌 Why are there so many different Caribbean Stud versions offered online?

  • There are not so many different versions of Caribbean Stud, it's more that Caribbean stud is one of the many different versions of poker available. Of course there are many different operators offering Caribbean Stud and they're all presented differently.

  • List of Online Casinos with Caribbean Stud

    1Alf CasinoUp to € 500 + 200 free spins8.3
    2Mr Green$10010
    3EU Casino$1008
    4Cherry Casino$5008
    6Metal Casino$1009
    81xBet€1 50010
    9Play Grand$3008
    10Fun Casino$5008
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