September 11, 2021

5-Minute Guide to Prepare for an Online Poker Tournament

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Playing online poker is one of the most enjoyable pastime activities. You simply have to find an online casino, choose a poker variant, and enjoy the session. However, it’s normal to be a bit ambitious and scoop a win playing this game.

5-Minute Guide to Prepare for an Online Poker Tournament

Fortunately, the best poker sites allow players to participate in tournaments to win a $100,000 jackpot. But to claim the loot, you must prepare yourself well before joining the table. Below are the tips to keep in mind for your next poker tournament.

Set aside tournament money

They say that scared money can’t make money, and that’s absolutely true in the online gambling world. Therefore, learn a few things about bankroll management before enrolling in a poker tournament.

The main rule is never to play a tournament that can impact your bankroll significantly. Look at the minimum and maximum bet per hand and compare it with your bankroll. If possible, your bankroll should be 1000x bigger than the maximum bet per hand.

Get sound sleep

As you may already know, not sleeping well can negatively affect most aspects of your life, including playing online poker. In fact, most professional poker players ignore this all-important rule because most tournaments happen at night.

Be as it may, you should always get sound sleep whether you play at night or daytime. This minimizes the chances of making game-changing mistakes. Although challenging, you should also skip unnecessary parties and events beforehand. All in all, enjoy your bedtime hours to the fullest.

Schedule your time

When playing your next tournament, ensuring you have enough time at hand is paramount. Many online poker players skip this vital step entirely, only to panic when the event is around the corner.

Without proper time scheduling, you may find yourself diving deeper into a big poker tournament that you never planned for. Remember that most poker events can drag through the whole day. So, make sure the event coincides with your off days to avoid trouble with your employer or spouse.

Set a realistic goal

In life, having achievable goals and keeping an eye on the ball can make you more productive. Well, that’s not any different when playing that nighty turbo or multi-day tournament on a regulated online casino.

Firstly, you should plan to win the event through whatever legal means possible. You can also set smaller but achievable goals like pacing yourself by taking breaks after a specific period. This shields you from making rash decisions on the table. Simply put, avoid that all-or-nothing mentality.

Have a playing strategy

Another costly mistake that casino players make is gambling without a real strategy. Typically, you should join the best poker sites once you’re sure about your betting systems and strategies. Lucky for you, there are hundreds of basic poker strategies online.

For example, expert poker players will tell you that playing aggressive fewer hands can pay dividends in the long run. Another working poker strategy is to fold whenever you’re unsure of your next move. So, learn basic systems before playing.

What about the restroom trip?

Nothing can be frustrating than finding the perfect poker seat only for nature to come calling during the first level. This can divide your attention on whether to call/raise or make a dash to the restroom. Know that missing a hand inside the first level will put you on the firing line whenever a monster is dealt.

So, take this advice; ensure you exploit the early rounds to the fullest. To do that, use the restroom before the game begins. If you’re playing on a land-based casino, this will help you know where the restrooms are during the breaks.


If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail, especially in online poker. So, don’t let lack of preparation limit your chances of winning a life-changing amount. The six hacks above should help you handle the first cards like a seasoned pro. And don’t forget, have fun!

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