May 13, 2022

Online Gambling: Which countries games the most?

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Gambling has been one of the fastest-growing industries in any country where it is allowed, both online and offline. However, not all markets can claim the same level of revenue from this area. Here is a breakdown of gaming income by nation. Discover the top-earning nations, how much they earn, and what their key industries are.

Online Gambling: Which countries games the most?

Top 10 Countries by Game Revenue

According to Newzoo's estimations for 2020, the top nations in terms of gaming income are as follows. However, it did not include internet gaming, online betting, B2B services, taxes, or hardware sales in their predictions. As a result, the values presented here are lower than those provided by national agencies. Nonetheless, they provide an excellent chance to gain insight into the total gaming yield per country.

  1. China - $44.26 billion
  2. United States - $42.10 billion
  3. Japan - $20.61 billion
  4. South Korea - $7.32 billion
  5. Germany - $6.08 billion
  6. United Kingdom - $5.53 billion
  7. France - $4.35 billion
  8. Canada - $3.83 billion
  9. Italy - $3.48 billion
  10. Spain - $2.46 billion

As can be seen, Europe accounts for half of the top ten countries. Nonetheless, their national gambling winnings are nothing like those of China, the United States, or Japan. As a result, Asia-Pacific and North America rank first and second in terms of gaming revenue.

The importance of Online Gambling and Betting

Another important factor to consider is the importance of internet gambling and betting in specific places. When the internet sector is taken into account, the United Kingdom and Germany, for example, have much higher gross gaming revenues. In the United States and China, where online gambling is still in its early stages or is illegal, the gap would be less evident. That is, the list would look considerably different if Newzoo concentrated on online gaming income per nation rather than the land-based industry.

Why China Is Still In The Lead

Apart from being one of the most populated countries in the world, it also has some of the most prominent gambling lovers. This, on the other hand, is mostly for sports betting. Macau is widely recognized as China's exclusive casino gambling jurisdiction. So, when we look at casino industry income in China by nation, we just look at Macau. Because of its enormous tourist attraction, it has become one of the world's largest gaming enterprises. 

Regrettably, the rest of China has forbidden all types of gambling. Lottery and sports betting have been reliable revenue generators, with combined total revenue of over $50 billion. The entire contribution from Macau-based casinos is $21 billion, with VIP players accounting for two-thirds of the total.

Singapore Enters The Market

Singapore's first casino opened in 2010, and residents welcomed this new chapter with open arms. Even still, many individuals believed that introducing casinos would result in a large loss of money. As a result, the government determined that casinos would charge guests an $81 admission fee. Despite this, players continued to play their favorite casino games. Instead, it assured Singapore's place at the top of any ranking of countries with the biggest gaming income.

Furthermore, the country has piqued the interest of foreign players. The Singapore Tourist Board informed the audience in 2018 that the income from foreigners alone amounted to around $1.5 billion. Revenue peaked at $7 billion with the two casinos they were able to establish. Authorities reported in 2019 that the government had raised $1 billion alone from admission fees.

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