November 2, 2021

Have Casino Minimum Bets Increased Over Time?

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Ask any old guard around, and they’ll tell you things were cheaper and affordable in their heydays. But all thanks to inflation, the world has become a lot more expensive to stay in. And yes, that includes playing at the best online casinos.

Have Casino Minimum Bets Increased Over Time?

So, what is the minimum bet a player could make back in the 60s compared to what they can stake today? Has it really increased? This casino stakes guide has all the answers.

Inflation in the 60s Compared to Today

It’s evident that inflation has played a significant role in how much players can stake in any casino game today. However, much depends on how the dollar (the world’s most popular currency) has traded over time.

That said, $1 in the 1960s had a similar purchasing power to around $0.98 in the previous decade. In other words, the currency had an inflation rate of approximately 1.72%, which led to a -1.69% price increase.

You still don’t get it? The prices of essential commodities in the 1950s were cheaper by at least 1.69% compared to those in the 1960s. And that’s according to numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Now compare that to the 3.71% inflation rate per year between the 60s and 2021.

How Much Have Betting Stakes Increased

Back in the 70s and 60s, $5 slot machines and blackjack tables were prevalent. Since then, the betting limits have tremendously increased to keep up with the rising inflation.

For instance, most current land-based blackjack tables offer $25 bets. The same is true about some roulette, baccarat, poker, and craps tables.

All in all, casino stakes have increased steadily over time. A $1 bet in the 60s is today worth around $9. Now, if you’re playing on a $5 table, that’s $45 today. With this amount of bets, you’ll undoubtedly need a huge bankroll.

Why Things Aren’t That Bad

Taking a closer look, you’ll realize that most land-based casinos have remarkably managed to dodge the inflation bullet. Most casinos still offer $3 slot machine stakes and $5 blackjack bets, which is amazingly cheap.

However, be careful because some casinos use $5 blackjack bets to lure unsuspecting players. As said before, most of them offer $25 blackjack tables, although the majority provide at least $10.

Another reason why casino stakes haven’t increased generally is the emergence of online games. Usually, playing at the best online casinos exposes players to low minimum stakes due to automated gameplays. In other words, casinos no longer invest much in human labor.

For instance, some online RTP and live blackjack tables allow gamers to make minimum bets of $1 per hand. It even gets cheaper on online slots as players can play with as little as $0.20 or $0.10. So overall, casino stakes are actually decreasing, thanks to technology.

The Future of Casino Stakes

What does the future hold for casino stakes? Honestly, things will only rise for the worse. After all, casinos need profits to provide entertainment. So, expect to increase your gambling budgetary allocation soon.

But don’t fret; this won’t happen overnight. That’s because casinos won’t double or triple the minimum bets just yet. Instead, everything depends on inflation rates. You never know; the rates might even decrease.

Better still, some gambling regulators are placing caps on the amount a player can use on an online casino. Germany, for example, introduced a €1 betting limit in 2021. Obviously, the success of this development will impact the European and global gambling market.


Some gamers insist that making casino stakes was easier back then. While that is partially true, statistics show that things are only getting more affordable. So, expect to play at that $25 table for the long haul.

And, of course, play online to enjoy remarkably low minimum bets. Don’t forget to keep it here at OnlineCasinoRank for the best online casino ranking.

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