March 7, 2021

History of the UK Gambling Commission

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The UK gambling scene is one of the most popular and most lucrative. But with the high number of gambling sites operating in this region, it’s surprising that UK players enjoy arguably the safest and most secure gambling experiences. This success is mostly down to the UK Gambling Commission, which supervises all UK betting activities.

History of the UK Gambling Commission

Formed in 2007 after the passing of the Gambling Act 2005, the UK Gambling Commission is indeed the most well-respected gambling regulatory body in Europe. So read on to familiarize yourself with a few things about the history and evolution of the UKGC.

A Brief History of the UK Gambling History

Gambling has been for a long time a popular pastime activity in Great Britain. For example, horse racing has been around for more than three centuries, with Chester hosting the earliest recorded race in 1539. Also, King Charles II was a serious sportsman who helped popularize Newmarket beyond the UK borders.

However, the history of gambling regulations in the UK is a bit uneven. In 1694, the government legalized the first national lottery. After this move, lotteries became a standard method of raising funds for charities and other projects.

However, in the 19th century, the government started introducing stricter measures such as the Gambling and Betting Act of 1845 and 1853.

But it was until the 1960s when more legislation was introduced. A good example is the Gambling Act of 1968. This Act set the pace for most modern gambling laws in the UK.

The Formation of the UKGC

The UK Gambling Commission is a non-departmental body of the UK government responsible for regulating all UK gambling activities. This includes both physical establishments and online casinos and sportsbooks.

In 2007, this body replaced the Gambling Board for Great Britain and assumed the role of supervising the National Lottery in 2013. As said before, the UK Gambling Commission was founded after the enactment Gambling Act of 2005.

The UKGC is responsible for verifying that gambling service providers comply with all practices under the Gambling Act of 2005. It has the power to investigate any offenses and pursue legal action against the offenders. The commission can grant, revoke, and refuse licenses. Most importantly, it can recommend further action needed to sanitize the UK gambling industry.

Responsibilities of the UKGC

As said above, the commission’s main objective is to ensure a crime-free gambling scene. The UK gambling industry should be fair and trustworthy. Also, the commission protects the vulnerable and children.

In 2019, the commission announced a plan to improve the industry standards and offer further public protection. It was announced that the commission would commence public research and use the findings to improve their efficiency.

In addition to that, the UKGC can fine gambling operators whenever they break any gambling law. However, this is after a thorough investigation by the commission. The body is also responsible for advertising local and national gambling-related issues.

It’s vital to note that the list of personal license holders and gambling operators who have permission to operate in the UK is available on the UKGC website. So, the next time you’re looking for regulated online casinos UK to join, visit their website and confirm the details.

What to Expect Going Forward

The future of UK gambling is bright. However, external factors such as Brexit and Coronavirus can slow down the market growth. But this is only for the short-term, and the market will be back to its usual best. So, because gambling is an ever-evolving industry, the UKGC must take appropriate measures to stay abreast and respond to major developments appropriately.

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