November 15, 2023

Optimizing Game Performance and Enhancing User Experiences: SuperScale's Journey in the Gaming Industry

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Optimizing Game Performance and Enhancing User Experiences: SuperScale's Journey in the Gaming Industry


In this article, we will explore the journey of Ivan, the co-founder of SuperScale, and his passion for gaming. We will also delve into the initial vision of SuperScale, its milestones, and its role in the evolving gaming industry. Furthermore, we will discuss how SuperScale leverages technological innovations to optimize game performance and engage players. Lastly, we will explore SuperScale's Legacy Game Management service and its insights and strategies concerning in-game purchases and freemium models.

Ivan's Journey and Passion for Gaming

Ivan's journey into the gaming industry began during his university days when he was a competitive gamer. Combining his love for gaming with his studies in big data and analytics, Ivan co-founded Exponea, a customer data & experience platform. However, his true calling came when a gaming studio with 40 million monthly players approached him, inspiring the foundation of SuperScale in 2015. Games like Counter-Strike and Age of Empires had a profound impact on Ivan, showcasing the potential of gaming not only as a passion but also as a tool for education and learning.

The Inception of SuperScale

SuperScale was founded with a vision to merge gaming with data analytics. Initially met with skepticism, SuperScale persisted and evolved its vision to seamlessly integrate game marketing and big data with development and game enhancement. SuperScale has achieved significant milestones, including engaging partnerships with industry giants like EA and Big Fish and optimizing mobile games to reach over 2 billion downloads. The original goal of enhancing the user's gaming experience through data analytics remains at the core of SuperScale's journey.

The Opportunities in the Evolving Gaming Industry

The current gaming industry landscape is dynamic and full of opportunities for companies like SuperScale in Europe. SuperScale's expertise in optimizing game performance and enhancing user acquisition/engagement positions them as a key player in this thriving industry. With strategic partnerships and technological innovations like artificial intelligence, SuperScale can manage and grow games, not only in Europe but also in other key markets such as the US.

Technological Innovations for Game Optimization

SuperScale leverages technological innovations such as AI and machine learning to comprehensively analyze game data. Their Game Analysis Technology identifies market opportunities and player segments. In the future, SuperScale aims to integrate Generative AI and Large Language Models into their workflow to optimize decision-making for developers and enhance the gaming experience. These advancements enable SuperScale to offer actionable insights and unlock the untapped potential of the games industry.

Legacy Game Management

SuperScale's Legacy Game Management service breathes new life into existing games, ensuring they remain engaging for players and profitable for studios. This service supports developers in maintaining and updating legacy titles, optimizing monetization strategies, and attracting new players. The gaming community benefits from the continued enjoyment of beloved games with improved features and new and engaging content. SuperScale's Legacy Game Management creates a win-win scenario for players and developers, enhancing player experiences and extending the life cycle of cherished titles.

Insights and Strategies for In-Game Purchases

SuperScale's strategy for in-game purchases and freemium models revolves around finding the right balance between generating revenue and providing players with a rewarding experience. They emphasize value-driven in-game purchases that enhance gameplay without compromising user satisfaction. By understanding player preferences and market dynamics, SuperScale tailors their approach to optimize monetization and contribute to a sustainable ecosystem.

Advice for Aspiring Gaming Entrepreneurs

Ivan's advice to aspiring gaming entrepreneurs in Europe is to follow their passion, trust their instincts, and embrace risks and challenges. Building a talented team and strong industry connections is crucial. Additionally, staying updated with industry trends and technologies and adapting to changes swiftly is essential for success in the dynamic and competitive gaming industry.

Future Projects and Developments

SuperScale has several exciting projects and partnerships underway. While specific details cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality clauses, SuperScale is actively collaborating with partners worldwide. In the coming year and beyond, SuperScale will oversee an increased number of games across a wide range of mobile gaming genres.


SuperScale's journey in merging gaming with data analytics has led to significant milestones and achievements. Their expertise in optimizing game performance, enhancing user experiences, and managing legacy games positions them as a key player in the evolving gaming industry. With a focus on technological innovations and strategic partnerships, SuperScale continues to shape the future of gaming and create a lasting impact on the games industry.

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