Vbet Casino offers all of the casino games that you would expect from a modern online casino. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its specialization in sports betting. This means that players are able to play slots and bet on sports from the same account.


The main bonus offer at Vbet is a 100% mark-up on any promotion. This means that if you deposit $20 into the casino on your first deposit, you'll also receive $20 in free bets. There are, however, significant restrictions on when and how these free bets can be paid out.


Vbet offers its players a standard range of online casino games, including table offerings, such as poker and blackjack, plus slot machine games. It also offers a full range of sports betting options that are more usually associated with online bookmaking operations, allowing it to stand out from the crowd.


Vbet offers a web browser-based casino experience on both desktop and mobile devices. This makes it easy for players to pick up a device and start playing as there is no need to download a browser plugin on desktop. There is an app on mobile available for players who prefer it.

Deposit methods

Vbet allows its players to deposit money into their accounts using a range of methods. These are: Visa and Mastercard credit cards, as well as Ecopayz. The minimum deposit is £5. Vbet does not charge for deposits or withdrawals, but does warn players that their eWallet service may charge additional fees.

Withdrawal methods

Vbet allows players to withdraw money from their account to a range of online wallet services, including Neteller and Ecopayz. Customers who want to move money from these services into a bank account should be aware that additional fees can often apply in these types of situations.


Vbet is available in English, German, Turkish and Russian. However, it is possible to use an online translation service to play and most of the interfaces are simple enough, which allows players to enjoy a pleasurable experience at Vbet even if their English is at a basic level.


Vbet allows players to deposit and manage accounts in pounds sterling and euros. However, most credit cards will allow you to charge them in these currencies, even if they are denominated in another. It's worth remembering that you may encounter charges if you choose to play this way.


Support on Vbet is available either via the extensive help section and selection of FAQs or via a live chat facility that is provided on the website. Whichever option players choose to use, it is generally possible to get answers to questions in a short amount of time.

Casino types

Vbet makes it easy for players to take part in their games using desktops and mobile devices. It is possible to enjoy the website easily in a mobile browser as it is responsive. However, the option of downloading an app to a mobile phone is also available for players who prefer it.

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